Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's do this.

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Well, I have hit a pinnacle moment for myself I think. And because I think it, I have. I have been feeling rather lost as of late. I hit a point of sadness tonight in which I, once again asked for Universe, and any and all of my possible guardian angels known and unknown for guidance. Guidance in general, but also guidance to love, creativity and support from everyone and everything that surrounds me at all times. But along with my asking for and welcoming this into my life, I know I have to set the intention to see that guidance, love, creativity, and support in everything I do and in everyone I meet. I want to have a place to remain accountable to that intention, and so I will come here, if only for myself, should no one else ever read this!

Well, just a short time after deciding this, I happened on some TED talks that absolutely have shifted my perspective, and I am certainly not going to miss an opportunity to notice this bit of guidance out of my recent low. I think I have fallen victim to having entirely too many choices myself, and becoming depressed as a result. Have you?

and what is "synthetic happiness"?


Good Vibe Coach said...

Congrats on this powerful introspection and thanks for the TED links! Checking them out now ...