Sunday, May 31, 2009

It is always there, I just have to keep recognizing it!

I am so sorry I haven't been posting. Time has just gotten away from me lately! I certainly have still been keeping track of the way the Universe is revealing any and all forms of Love, Guidance, Support, and Creativity to me though. I have tried to continue to jot them down in my lil' notebook so that I don't forget! So...these are not really in any particular order goes.

My trip home for mom was really great and included all of the above, but it feels great to acknowledge that again on here.

Oh...I think there was some terrific creativity involved with the evening out I had just before I left. I saw some people I had gone to high school with and one of them definitely said and did a lot of things he shouldn't have...but I am SOOOOOO glad he did. It was high comedy at it's best. VERY creative, Universe!!

My train trip back to my own home was really fun and FULL of creativity! I finished outlining some stories to link all my songs together for my show. I even got a really great start on a children's story I have been meaning to write for a while now (about something that happened from my own childhood).

My first day back in the city was ultra-supportive. I found out that my job did NOT cut my pay for my time off with my mom!!!!! I had been worried about it but it felt SOOOOO good to come home to that news! I love my lunch-buddy friend...always having someone who wants to meet for lunch...that I actually love to spend time with. It feels good. THEN...after work I had a meeting with my director for my cabaret. First of all, it was just great to see his face. I adore him and it has been so long. So, I felt the love there! Meeting with him to discuss my ideas for the show was so supportive...and already I can feel his guidance being the key to all of this coming together. He definitely already has some great creative ideas to start off with and really supported what I had to start off with! I am so excited....and this actually feels so real now!!

Hmm...what else was there? I felt some guidance when I looked at some old photo albums of my mom when she had me.....just noting how freaking YOUNG she looked, and she was a few years older than I am now! I felt that was a good indication of really appreciating who I am right now...and treasuring it, as I am still quite young in comparison to how old I may end up! Also...once again just really putting in perspective how far I am from a husband/family and how quickly that can all change.

I loved the creativity I saw on S.Y.T.Y.C.Dance! I LOVE that show and can't wait for the real competition to begin!!

I had a really great time at my job this weekend hosting for a casting director here. Hearing some of his advice to the people who took part was great guidance. He is always so sweet to me and even if it is only mild...that is a form of love and support!

I get constant support from the Universe in the form of people who don't know me at all knowing the second they see me that I am obviously a performer. People are so complimentary to me about my hair and go out of their way to say things. I am truly grateful for people's attention in this way as it makes me feel great.

I had a fantastic audition this weekend as well with someone who has got to be my #1 fan! I wish all of my auditions went this well!! I barely had to do a thing and I, evidently, blew him away. He was so vocal and supportive. It is random..but OH so refreshing!!! I appreciate the creativity I was able to utilize when learning a monologue on the spot to read for them and somehow really getting it right (though I could do no wrong in his mind!)

I love when mom found the silly note I left her with...I felt so much love and creativity writing it...and it felt great to hear how it made her feel and hear her voice reading it back to me on the phone!!

ok...just got off the phone with mom again...more love, guidance, and support there, as always!!!