Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Guidance Counselor Required

Well, I hope that my absence from this actual space hasn't led you to believe that I have shirked my intention of recognizing that which is most important to me lately and then documenting it. I have had a hard time getting my observations onto this blog, but I have still been accountable to the trusty lil' notebook I keep near my bed to jot down the random doo-dads I can recall from my dreams.

So yes, yes there has been absolutely OODLES of LOVE all around me. I am hangin' with my mother right that is just a given. I always feel so supported and loved by her and am doing everything I can right now to return all of that and more as I help her this week.

I have also heard from my best friend a few times this week, either by phone or online. Love was present as I had some of my first delicious foods since having my wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago! Sausage and pancakes, a delicious burger...chinese food...frozen custard! I may not have been eating healthy...but I loved what I ate! I accompanied my mother to her checkup after her surgery and could hear nothing but love as she spoke to the surgeon about her work as a physician's assistant. I recognized how he supported her by asking her questions so she could continue to enjoy sharing her successes. I honestly love how amazing my mother is in general, but definitely for achieving what made her most happy!

I had taken a walk around my block here, in the neighborhood I grew up in. I can't help but love the way it felt to breathe in the familiar air here. I loved how every rock on the street and bend in the road tickled my memories of my childhood. I enjoyed creativity in the architecture of the houses, and the landscapes of the lawns. It's hard to deny the creativity inherent in nature on it's own. At once both highly complex yet simple, nature is the epitome of creativity. I appreciated the support my body gave me as I strolled the hills it wasn't used to anymore. And the familiarity of the road guided me all the way back home.

These are just a few of my observations this week (I am too lazy right now to get that notebook upstairs!). The one thing I have noticed is a teeny bit harder for me to recognize is guidance. Not that I am without some entirely, mind you. It's just been more of a stretch to find. I enjoyed my mother offering her advice to a troubling situation I have, which is definitely guidance. I am receiving information online from my favorite coach that is directly connected to questions I had for her this week. So it is there...but I am in need of opening my eyes even more to it!

And so, I shall!