Friday, October 24, 2008

"Create Your Own Reality" Videogames?

So it's no secret that the brain is a magnificent masterpiece. What is even more magnificent is the way we are learning to understand and control it. Tim Jarvis wrote a delicious article in November's issue of O Magazine which examines how our understanding of the brain is already affecting the way we shop and is likely to help us determine the best potential romantic partners in the future. It delves into the potential to possible determine whether a 7-year old will one day become a criminal and the ethics of how this might affect our justice system. For me, the most intriguing part of this article was a small additional section called "The Neurocaster" where other predictions were made about how brain science may change the way we live.

Here is my absolute favorite:


"Current technologies (such as video games) will merge with future ones (such as those involving neural feedback), so gamers might wear EEG-type caps that read their brainwaves and pick up their emotions. Conceivably, story lines would move forward in real time, the plot changing based on each person's responses, says Zack Lynch, managing director of NeuroInsights, a market research and investment advisory firm."

Sound anything like the Law of Attraction to you? It is no secret that our thoughts create reality, and more and more people are beginning to understand this. I got chills when I read this. It was like I read myself inside out or something. Isn't this what I am learning to do right now?? Isn't this really how our "reality" actually already is? The technological wizards are creating software and computers to function as reality already does, only most people are rarely aware of it! People already play Second Life on the internet where they live as total other beings with different names, genders, and lifestyles. They interact with other such "beings" inside this new world involved in relationships and careers. One day this may be integrated with the technology to interact with what you focus on. That day isn't so far away as this article written by Mike Steer (CNN in London, England) expains,

This technology already picks up over 30 different expressions, emotions, and actions! Jarvis says,

"If we can interpret basic control thoughts now, it isn't far off where we'll be able to interpret more complex thoughts, even potentially things you're not consciously thinking of. If we can now do it in a non-invasive fashion, it probably won't be long before we can read these things from across the room."

Is this the next step in our souls' evolution?

It is no secret that mindful awareness enhances the results of exercise, healing, and learning. And we know that people can literally change the composition of their physical brain through meditation. Our minds are entirely more powerful than we ever want to give them credit for. I am all for popping on a headset and playing with this type of technology, but this is all the more reason to hone my skills as a Visionary Fairy RIGHT NOW in this "reality" and let the games begin!


Erik said...

As you might notice, I am scrounging around in some of your older posts, guided by a flash of intuition ;).
About those neural feedback games: I once thought about how to improve current games so that they react to your emotions. This might already be possible by analysing your behavioral patterns while playing the game (without EEG caps). Some games already do this on a very relaxed level (they auto-adjust their difficulty to your skill level). Am looking forward to this too since it will be very very cool and might make our interactions with computers loads easier (and gaming more fun). There is a lot more to come in this direction I guess!

Visionary Fairy said...

Again, THANK YOU for scrounging around here! I am so happy you were inspired to visit/read!!!

I actually play no video games really...but this just fascinates me! I really want to master it in "reality" first though!