Sunday, February 14, 2010


I sort of forgot to document the Love, Support, Creativity, & Guidance in the very recent months. Call it "I got too busy", or "I sort of forgot for a second"...either way, I apologize. I have gotten some VERY clear experiences of ALL FOUR of these lovely gems very recently by visiting one of my favorite uplifting sites, Jeannette Maw's Good Vibe Blog

A few weeks back, she posted a piece about the idea that we might be able to outsource our intentions and ask for assistance in their creation. Her readers are always ready to participate and inspire in the comments, but what ensued was just plain magical for this one! She hit on something we could all really utilize. Most of us have no problem manifesting the small stuff, but when it comes to the things that matter the absolute most, something happens and we can't help but believe old stories about it. If we want something too much, we often end up working too hard at it and this can, unfortunately, push it further from our reach. Passion is a great thing to have, but within it lies a fine line between love and fear.

This has always been a paradox for me: How do you stop needing something that you want with all your heart and just allow it to happen? How do you stop working towards it when it is what drives you? Sometimes that work can feel bad, but not working towards your passion can feel even worse!

So Jeannette proposed the question "What if we could hire someone else to improve our vibe?". Within those comments we all signed on as freelance employees. We found that in writing up our visions of seeing each other living within our desired outcomes we, not only lifted the vibe of those with the initial intention, but raised our vibrations in the process. It is fun to imagine myself living all my passions, but sometimes I suppose it is harder for me to believe in it 100%. It is easy and loads of fun imagining all of my friends online living their dreams! So very quickly this party spilled over onto the Good Vibe University where the message boards are just exploding with creativity and magic!

This stuff isn't just silly distracting nonsense either. It SOLD A HOUSE!!!!

There is something that happens when we all spend a little time indulging in our best wishes for each other, and that vibe gets even more powerful as we enlist others to do so. I have always been fascinated by the power of intention and am loving what I read in "The Intention Experiment".

Enlisting others helps us to see ourselves more clearly living our dreams. Every day we have something to go back and read to lift our vibration about them and spend some time seeing, hearing, touching, and tasting our finest moments as though we are living them this instant.

Imagining other people's intentions through meditation and writing fuels creativity and ease. This takes the stress off your own needs since you know they are being taken care of simultaneously! Some of my best manifestations have occurred whenever I had stopped focusing on the exact thing I wanted. Now, Jeannette had initially implied we might "hire" people to do this for us, but we are all having loads of fun doing this pro bono. Though I admit I haven't ever felt as much like a "Visionary Fairy" as I do lately with this Outsourcering and have been wondering if I shouldn't go into business with it! If you have something you've been working on and need a little extra help, please let me have a go at it! Catch me while I'm still pro bono!


Jeannette said...

I like your style, Visionary Fairy, and appreciate the fabulous energy you're contributing to everyone's experience here!

Mind if I share the link to your post at Good Vibe U?

Visionary Fairy said...

That would make me beyond giddy! I am honored. Thank you!


Debra said...

Wow, great post Visionary Fairy! :)

Of course you know I'm in full support of everything you've written here regarding Outsourcering...

It was our house that sold! (Closing is this Friday, we've already signed our side of the papers & everything has been so lined up in perfect order...thanks to the Outsourcerers! ...honestly, it felt SO good to release it to all of you and not give it another thought...or worry! After a year and a half I'm sure you can imagine how GOOD that felt!)

Now more than ever, I understand that's the Golden Ticket. The release. REAL release...and then just feeling good.

The bonus is having Outsourcerers as agents of the Universe (sort of magical middle men/women as it were) makes it SUPER DUPER EASY PEASY to just trust and let go.

Best part is...and you mentioned it the meantime we've got other things to focus our manifesting energy on, the awesome requests for creation from others that desire the support of outsourcering.

I LOVE outsourcering. It's incredibly easy (and JOYful) for me to see others in their success...I love making it REALLY gooood. So much FUN.

So happy to be playing in this with you, Visionary Fairy. You're right, your name now has an even more brilliant, expanded, high vibe purpose.

Keep rockin' it sister! :)
And thanks for the link out to my 'house sold' post. That was very kind.

See you at GVU! XO
Gonna go share your link around now...

Visionary Fairy said...

Thanks for reading Debra, and I am glad you don't mind my sharing the good news about your house! I just couldn't help myself. That's a pretty huge manifestation right out of the gate!

I am definitely having so much fun playing in this with you as well!

Thank you for your creativity and support!!