Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life is an illusion!

Life is just an illusion. If the current state of the world isn't a clear sign that everything around us is too ridiculous to be real, I don't know what is. I truly believe that we are here to learn that we actually create the world around us and to truly discover that power. If the only constant in life is change...isn't that further evidence of our purpose here on earth? To discover and use our powers to create exactly what we want for ourselves and the world around us. Well that is something I would like to do. There are times I definitely feel that I am connected with that power, but more often than not I find myself struggling to return to that state. Hopefully having a place to check in with just exactly how I am going about it and what my results are will encourage those powers, and possibly enable some other people to as well. Let's start sprinkling our fairy dust fellow Visionaries!